Saturday, June 13, 2015

Street Fighter V: Clues to the roster

And as the hype train begins to build momentum Ono continues his tradition of tweeting hints regarding the new game.

Last night he tweeted this:
Any fan of the franchise spotted the clue before yesterday when they showed off the new stage in London I thought of Ono's hint about the new character reveal for E3 being someone we haven't seen in awhile and thought Eagle but with Ono's Tweet it's 99% confirmed Birdie is returning!

Now the next hint was spotted in the Nash artwork below, look at the statue behind to the right of Nash...

Now check out Gill's stage from SFIII (S.I. I think)....see that statue in the center of the stage???

It's another clue that the Illuminati is in SFV aside from the gem in Nash's forehead, but will it be Gill or Urien or a new member I can't say for certain.
I'm very excited, it looks like a Illuminati- Shadaloo showdown!!!