Saturday, July 13, 2013

EVO 2K13

So Evo 2K13 started yesterday I watched as much as I could while at work.
The streams are

And here is the EVO 2K13 stream schedule

So I know two guys from Capcom Unity that went to EVO this year, Rythmic and Zerofinity, both are amazing with their respective mains...Bison and Dhalsim.
Best of Luck to both of you!
I've been waiting patiently for two announcements the first is the next update for Super Street Fighter IV AE 2013 and the second is an update on the Street Fighter Assassins Fist series.
It seems the first hints at the next version of Street Fighter IV leaked and it appears it may not be SSFIVAE2013 but perhaps Hyper Street Fighter IV! Check out these leaked pics!

If these above pics are to be believed I think we can assume there's a good chance the SFXT characters will make it and the roster will be upped by 8.
  • Alex
  • Rolento
  • Hugo
  • Poison
  • Elena
  • Karin*
  • Oro*
  • Sean*
With those 8 and Yun Yang Evil Ryu and Oni that would make a clean row of 12 in the roster screen