Saturday, June 29, 2013

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters S3E61 Evolution Recap

 One thing TFP does very well is the dramatic entrance, and when Predking reveals his ability to transform

Megs, Screamer and Shockwave are all like....

The beauty of this episode was watching Starscream come up with the plan to destroy the Predaclone army by baiting the Autobots on the fly in front of Megatron....most deceptive Decepticon goes to.....

And the other highlight of episode 61 was the battle between Ultra Magnus and Wheel Jack against Predaking! Predking absolutely wiped the floor with them! And Magnus loses a hand!
At first I didn't like the voice of Predaking, but it's actually very fitting, if you look at his name Pred-a-king, the voice is regal, intelligent and powerful.
I wonder if Megatron ever faced anything like Predaking in the pits of Kaon????
A very enjoyable episode chock full of action!