Thursday, June 6, 2013

Konami's Pre E3 Show Hideo Kojima talks MGSV The Phantom Pain and Gabriel Belmont returns!

Konami has kicked open the E3 flood gates with two big video's First is Hideo Kojima discussing MGS V The Phantom Pain. I've been following all the drama with David Hayter tweeting he wasn't brought back to voice Big Boss to the more recent news of the "See you at E3, hope I don't loose my voice ;)" tweet. Now in the below video Kojima all but confirms that Kiefer Sutherland will be voicing Big Boss in MGS V and the the game will take place circa 1984....I need to check the MGS database and see if this date puts the kabash on the rumor that this is the game where Solid Snake first comes face to face with Big Boss! If the dates line up then there's hope that David Hayter will be the voice of Solid it should be!
Other things I took note of, where is Avi Arad??? It's pretty cold where ever he is! You  know where else it's really cold??? Shadow Moses Island! Arad Productions is co producing the MGS movie...

The second video for Konami's Pre E3 show that I was psyched to see was CastleVania: Lords of Shadow 2. This trailer has renewed my excitement about the sequel...the trailer does show ALOT in fact if I'm not mistaken I think I spotted Alucard!

This years E3 is gonna be off the hook!