Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FFXIV ARR : Carbuncle Returns! No sign of crabs

Three new job/classes have been announced for FFXIV.
Arcanist....not Alchemist and we see in the below video the Arcanist "summon" Carbuncle (still better than Courier Crab), a Final Fantasy staple.

Scholar the scholar encapsulates the term the pen is mightier than the sword! Fight the forces of evil by calling forth a mighty....faerie....:/

Summoner My old main in FFXI! All the cool kids wore a horn on their forehead....like a unicorn! We Summoners were Fabulous....LMAO!
Ok so Summoners don't summon Carbuncle???WTF, we get some tiny Ifrit lookin' thing O.o

So I've noticed that some of my friends are in the FFXIV Beta....the rest of us are playing The Last of Us.
I'm tempted to get FFXIV ARR but I'm still not convinced this isn't just Vana Diel 2.0 with a fresh coat of HD paint.