Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Memorial Day Staycation

Annnd I'm back from my staycation!
Been on vacation since May 21st, went with my family to the parade in son loves seeing the fire trucks and Elmo! Iron Man came by this year to....what a guy!

During the Memorial Day weekend Rockstar hosted a 3X XP event from Friday the 24th thru Sunday the 26th, but they actually began it on the 23rd and extended it through Wednesday the 29th! So I was able to jump from level 29 up to 50 in RDR's multiplayer!

I also wasn't able to chime in on Transformers Prime  but episode 58 "Chain of Command" was by far one of the best episodes of the series! Miko has been growing on me since mid second season, and the scene where she tries to get back aboard Magnus' ship was so enjoyable to watch regardless of the fact  she wasn't killed when she activated the apex armor or that it adjusted to fit a human...ehh whatever Miko's trash talk to Starscream was priceless! And if my eyes didn't deceive me Miko actually performs a Shoryuken in the APEX armor. The dynamic between Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus and Bulkhead is a great way to add new depth to the newest addition to team Prime....and it kinda mirrors the dynamic between Starscream and Shockwave on the decepticon side.

Episode 59 "Plus One" continues with the Predacon relic fossil scavenger hunt, pretty run of the mill episode Arcee  offers an audio receptor to Wheel Jack as the two go beast hunting. Agent Fowler offers to go on a "milk run" with Mrs Darby to retrieve a Predacon fossil in a museum to Jacks distaste.
Megs sends Knockout to intercept the same Predacon fossil there is some funny dialog between the 3 and in the end Knockout successfully retrieves the fossil.
The only other thing of interest was at the very end of the episode when we see the Predacon spying on Starscream's conversation with Megatron....not the untameable unintelligent beast afterall...I wonder if Shockwave is aware?

I also took my son to the Bronx Zoo to see the new Dinosaur Safari exibit...first off these are not the same dinosaurs from Walking with Dinosaurs arena spectacular....

The Safari exibit is about 10 mins long and I lucked out but the line could be over an hour long wait! It's $4 for WCS members, this is really great for little kids so don't get you're expectations too high. I hyped it up for my son and he loved it! So now that I know he can handle that I can take it to the next level which is the above mentioned show.