Monday, May 20, 2013

Macross Plus X-9 Ghost now a reality!

Back in 1995 Macross Plus came out and when I first watched it I was instantly hooked and it was around that time I started doing some research and discovered the show I watched as a child, Robotech was actually a bastardization of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross!
Macross Plus was one of the definitive anime's of the 90's, even more so for fans of Macross. 
The story revolves around three childhood friends Isamu, Guld and Myung who had a falling out but fate reunites them. Isamu and Guld become rival test pilots at New Edwards AFB on Eden. Isamu pilots the  YF19  and Guld pilots the YF21, the two aircraft manufacturers are competing for the contract to replace the aging VF11 in the UN Spacy fleet.
Later in the movie COL Milliard who is overseeing Project Super Nova informs the two pilots hat the project has been scrapped and UN Spacy has opted to go with the secret X-9 Ghost drone fighter...
Ok so I just read an article

about the first unmanned fighter launched from the deck of the USS George H W Bush aircraft carrier. The X-47B can be seen in the below video.
As the saying goes, if humanity can think of it they can achieve it.....eventually. What was Sci Fi in the mid 90's is now reality!
Are we in the midst of the unification wars and don't even realize it?