Friday, May 17, 2013

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare review

So after completing Okami HD I finally decided to return to the West.....the wild west that is. RDR Undead Nightmare had been sitting on my XMB for so long due to a tremendous back log of games to play. I really loved RDR so I was glad to return....Feel free to read my RDR review , to see why I say Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games from this generation.
So I strapped on my gun holster and fired up RDR:UDN. Being that I haven't played RDR for a long time I was a bit rusty with the controls but it only took a few minutes to re familiarize myself and I was off killing the undead in Blackwater!
This was a perfect time to play this DLC as I'm getting serious Walking Dead withdrawal!
Undead Nightmare is an alternative story line to the events of RDR after John Marston and his family are reunited and are back at the ranch.
The zombie apocalypse has engulfed the land and John must find a way to end it or die trying. Through your travels John will revisit many of his past stomping grounds to battle against hordes of the undead to help the survivors, along the way John also helps find missing souls and brings them back to their friends or family....this is a spin on the battles against gangs and bounty's. You'll also bump into some old friends like Bonnie MacFarlane, Seth, Marshal Johnson, Nigel West Dickens, Landon Ricketts, and Abraham Reyes.

Similar to the main game, Undead Nightmare has horses that can be broken and then you can ride them, the cool thing with Undead Nightmare is the four horses of the apocalypse are out there waiting to be found and broken! And each has a special attribute....Death is pretty bad ass, Pestilence is useful when doing the ambient challenges...
As cool as the four horses of the apocalypse are they pale in comparison to the pure fabulousness that is THE UNICORN! Nothing screams The Good The Bad and the Fabulous more than Zombie Marston riding across the land on a Unicorn with butterfly's fluttering  around and a rainbow wake trailing behind you!
This was an enjoyable addition to the main game and with Undead Nightmare you can also access the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. I just wished I could use my fabulous Unicorn in multiplayer!