Friday, May 3, 2013

The One Thing Capcom Missed During SF25th....Street Fighter I Remastered!

If you know me or read my blog, you may notice I have an unhealthy addiction to the Street Fighter franchise. I began playing Street Fighter before the craze of Street Fighter II The World Warriors, back when Ryu wore red slippers and Birdie was white lol.
So last year Capcom celebrated Street Fighters 25th anniversary and hosted a global tournament to celebrates and had some impressive merchandise, like a sweet chess set, the monopoly game, and that amazing box set. But in retrospect  they didn't give much props to the original, the banners at the NYSF25 tourney had the timeline and the games history which was nice but it would've been this warrior dream if  Capcom dropped a surprise by making an announcement  of a digital download of the original Street Fighter on PSN and XBLA with the below changes.
True fans like myself would've grabed this no questions asked! Many have dreamt of playing the original Street Fighter with all the characters playable with updated controls and complete movesets.
Kudos to the capcomunications staff that made this via the mugen fighting game engine!