Saturday, May 18, 2013

Transformers Prime: S3E57 Project Predacon recap

I actually really enjoyed this episode it was much more light hearted and the fan service was all over the place with comments about Beast Wars, Dinobots, We get to see Prime's new vehicle mode as well as Ultra Magnus' vehicle mode. We also see that team prime is having growing pains, there's a little tension between Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus...
The exposition between Megs, Shockwave and Starscream felt a bit shoehorned but it did what it had to and the episode moved on nicely with the battle over the predaclone remains.
I'm pissed the series ends with this season because I would love to see the series follow the old comic where Shockwave becomes the Decepticon Commander and actually suceeds in killing all the Autobots!

I'm so glad Transformers Prime has made Shockwave the cold calculating, methodical character he was always meant to be and not the joke character he turned out to be in the G1 series. I really love his alt mode in this series also! And the scene when he returns with the Predaclone fragment and Megs questions him about engaging Otimus Prime was so well done. I can totally see a sub plot power struggle between Megatron and Starscream annd Shockwave....but Shockwave waits for just the right time to enter the fray!
"Clarity of Thought before Rashness of Action"
Oh and the new intro is cool with some of the new characters in it!