Wednesday, June 19, 2013

XBO PS4 comparison chart and deep thoughts about the future of video games and consoles

I am as guilty as the next gamer when it comes to taking sides when new consoles launch....I've been doing it since the Sega/ Nintendo console wars. 
Last Gen I remember being completely turned off when I was in a GS and overheard an employee singing high praise about the Xbox360 to some guy who was obviously a casual gamer, the dude had no clue and took the sales person's word for it. I walked out wondering if Microsoft had made some back room deal with GS to promote the 360. Anyway I held off for the first year and finally bough my PS3 the second holiday season. It was a very rough start for the PS3 as the 360 dominated the market the majority of this generation. But just like the story of the tortoise and the hare the PS3 FINALLY caught up and in my opinion crossed the finish line stronger than the Xbox360.
I've been watching all the announcements from Sony and Microsoft and it appears Sony's price point along with their used game policy has put them in a much more favorable light compared to Microsoft.
Yesterday I watched the Angry Joe interview with Microsoft's Major personal feelings aside, it got me thinking about one thing.....the future. 
The music industry, and to a lesser extent the movie industry has been moving away from the physical and towards a digital format, who buys CD's these days aside from old people? Even my mother has bought music from iTunes! 
So when Major Nelson asked Angry Joe if he wanted to join him in the future it really got me thinking. Blu Ray disks may be the last bastion of physical media, and if that's the case this might be the last generation of video game consoles as we know it. 
My friend Krogenar has mentioned this exact scenario with me and it looks like the XBone might be offering us a glimpse of gaming's future...
I've purchased games via the PS Store, for example Okami HD, so I've platinum'd the game, it has no multiplayer and there's really no incentive for me to replay it.....what now?
I can't give it to my friends, I can't trade it in to the PS Store for credit....but at least I know that if nostalgia kicks in or if my son wants to play it when he's old enough that I'll still have it sitting there on my BC PS3 500GB HDD.
Food for thought gamers.....