Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Street Fighter Assassin's Fist Update #11

Here's the video from SDCC from Joey Ansah revealing that filming has begun on Street Fighter Assassin's Fist!
The video shows off Akuma's Cave, as well as some other locations that we will see in the films.
We also get a glimpse at the wardrobe design and the physical training the actors are going through for the films.
I am very excited to see the first trailer!
Like they say in the video, this is going to be what fans have been wanting, but Hollywood just doesn't seem to be able to do. I know many people hear "Street Fighter movie" and immediately associate with the JCVD or more recent Kristen Kreuk celluloid nightmares, I have faith that Joey Ansah and the entire team behind this project is gonna absolutely knock this out of the park!