Monday, July 22, 2013

New USFIV trailer from CJ

New USFIV trailer from Capcom Japan!
So the mystery 5th character....who is it.
At first I thought it was gonna be Asura, Ono confirmed it wasn't Asura.
The info that we know is:

  • It will be a character from the SF universe or at least fit into the SF universe
  • It is a character that isn't on anyone's radar
  •  It's an existing Capcom Character
  • It hasn't been "playable" in a Street Fighter or any other fighting game before
  • It's Not Haggar from FF confirmed by Ono
So based on that
Here's my 3 guesses on who the mystery character is!

  1. Kevin Straker (Ken)  from Street Fighter 2010
  2. Guile's Daughter
  3. Goutetsu