Saturday, July 13, 2013

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters S3E62 Minus One & S3E63 Persuation Recaps

Once again I was away on vacation so I couldn't give a recap for Minus One but after seeing Persuasion the two episodes almost feel like two halves of a whole.
So Starscream's devious plan worked and Megatron doesn't need to worry about a Predacon Army uprising....but he obviously feels like Predaking is a thorn in his side! And we all know Megs doesn't want anyone but him claiming Optimus Prime's head!

So after Magnus and Wheel Jack destroy Shockwave's lab by blowing up the Synth En Shockwave discovers the combination of Predacon CNA and Synth En created raw cyber matter....the stuff Cybertron is made of!
Hark! A new way to rebuild the Omega Lock and revive Cybertron!...And Cyberform Erf!
There was an interesting little conversation between Shockwave and Megatron regarding cyberforming Earth...two halves of a whole Earth & Cyberton....Primus & Unicron....this little nugget could be some terrific foreshadowing for things to come I hope! It's a shame the series is coming to an end in 2 episodes!
So the cons go on a scavenger hunt to grab some military hardware (human tech is apparently far more advanced than we realize!)
But Soundwave gets shot down by Optimus while creating a diversion and is brought back to the Autobot base for interrogation...that doesn't go very well as Soundwave reminds them he is superior and they are inferior, then proceeds to delete all his files and make himself a boss!

Megatron freaks when hears that Soundwave has been captured by the autobots but they shoehorn in a cockamamie idea to have Laserbeak track Sound Wave's position.
So Agent Fowler warns the Autobots that the Cons are trying to steal more human tech so Prime rallies the team and they role out leaving Ratchet, Arcee, and Bulkhead alone with Sound Wave..laserbeak infiltrates their base and sucessfully powers up Soundwave and he swiftly  dispatches the Autobots and captures Ratchet.
Episode 63 Persuasion is an interesting episode where Shockwave uses a cortical psychic patch to get the formula from Ratchet, but they discover he himself never finished his work, so it's up to Megatron to convince Optimus Prime's "old friend" to complete his work to revive Cybertron. Ratchet initially refuses but after Megatron tempts him with all sorts of Decepticon Engineering goodies, Ratchet finally breaks down and agrees to continue research on the Synth En formula.
Now the thing that I am wondering is....was the entire episode inside Ratchets mind? Megatron kept chipping away at Ratchets refusal by tempting him with the toys he was most fascinated with....was it all a Decepticon Inception!?