Monday, July 15, 2013

Ultra Street Fighter IV

So it wasn't Super Street Fighter IV AE ver 2013/2014, it wasn't Hyper Street Fighter IV, it was much more obvious than that!
For those who are slightly disapointed with the Ctrl C, ctrl V job...lets remember SFIV came out in 2009! There is no other game this generation that has had the longevity and support tat this game has! Obviously they didn't have to make USFIV, but I appreciate the fact that they did...I'm fairly certain most SFIV resources have been reallocated to next gen projects, so thank you Capcom.
As a fan of the franchise since the original SF I'm looking forward to Ultra Street Fighter IV and eventually SF V!
The one thing I was hoping along with the USFIV announcement was some news on the Street Fighter Assasins Fist project...alas nothing.

Also maybe it was just me but the stream died on my phone last night during the UMVC3 grand finals between Justin Wong and EMP Flocker during the second set when it was 2-1 Flocker! I lost it and ran to the computer that the wife was on and jumped onto the stream only to see Alex Vaille getting a commemorative trophy FFFFFFFFFUUUUU!!!!!!
Can someone tell me what happened?
I stayed up to watch the trailer for USFIV then passed out....getting up for work at 4:45 am SUCKS!
Kinda pissed I didn't get to watch any of the SSFIV finals!
Updates on that would also be much appreciated!....Mike I'm looking at you ;)
So you got Sonia to watch EVO!? Very cool!
D was like your all NERDS!
Can't wait till EVO gets televised on ESPN or some shit one day!
C'mon they have poker tourney and billiards! ESports is coming folks! Mark my words.