Saturday, July 20, 2013

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters S3E64 Synthesis Recap

So Ratchet completes the Synth En formula with the aid of Shockwave and Knockout who accidentally lets it slip that the con's let the autobots find and destroy the Predacon lab.
Raf launches his makeshift drone and Jet Optimus follows it in hopes of discovering the locatio n of the nemesis and rescuing Ratchet.
Starscream and the armada are sent out to destroy the drone when he discovers Prime, The armada engage Prime while Starscream destroys Raf's drone.
Meanwhile Ratchet attempts to escape only to be caught by Megatron and then thrown to Predaking to be terminated, Predaking basically tosses Ratchet around like a killer whale does to a sea lion pup.
But Ratchet reveals that Megatron orchestrated the whole thing, Predaking doubting Ratchet is told to search his feelings...he knows it to be true. Ok maybe not that but Predaking follows his thoughts thru to conclusion and then goes ape shit on the nemesis destroying every thing in his way...

One thing is clear Megatron owes Starscream his spark!
Oh yeah and the Autobots mobilize after ratchet drops the Nemesis' cloaking....
This coming Friday is the series finale Deadlock which I'm kinda bummed about, this was a fantastic series that brought me back to the kid in me who rushed home to watch G1 after school!
I'm excited to see what's next!
I predict Predaking will show up and kill Megatron and something happens to Prime but Grimlock is introduced and assumes leadership of the Autobots while Predaking takes command of the Decepticons and this is where the new series begins.....just a blind hunch.