Saturday, July 20, 2013

Man of Steel and how Zod and Jor El's plan is one and the same!

I just saw Man of Steel for the second time and now that the wow factor is behind me I came to the realization that Jor El and Zod both have the same plan to ensure that the Kryptonian race doesn't go extinct! Zod kinda tells the audience during his conversation with Kal how he was Krypon's military leader and Kal's father, a leading scientist (in kickassology) both knew Krypton was doomed and both sough ways to save their race. 
Zod goes the military route via direct military attack with superior tech...Jor El via panspermia. Two thirds of the way through the movie we discover that  Kal El has all of krypton's "future" in his DNA via the codex, his gene's are superior to humanities! So through reproduction with humans Krypton will be reborn on Earth!
There are other things I didn't notice the first time that I noticed this time like When Zod makes first contact Clark is in the kitchen drinking a beer while a football game is playing on TV behind him, it's also dark outside so lets figure it's between 9 and 10PM in Smallville Kansas (Central Time Zone), which means it's between 8 and 9 PM in Metropolis (NYC), ok first why is the daily planet office packed like it's the middle of the day? It's also summer time, why is it dark at 8 or 9 PM in Metropolis in the summer? And on top of that how is it also dark Japan, China, Tibet or where ever it is when Zod makes first contact.
The only other issue I have with Man of Steel is after the destruction of Zod's ship, Metropolis looks like Europe after's totally FUBAR! Then Supes and Zod go mano a mano and destroy even more of Metropolis! Than minutes after Supes snaps Zods neck we see Clark walking into the Daily Planet and being intoduced to Lois Lane! HOLY SHIT how long did it take to get the Freedom Tower project completed????
And throughout the final battle there is more 9/11 references than I could shake an I-beam at!

Aside from those few issues I still really enjoyed Man of Steel, it was infinately better than Superman Returns and has set itself nicely for the inevitble sequel! The Richard Donner Superman still remains my #1 favorite super hero movie of all time.
One last note, it might just be my imagination but the scene where Superman flies up towards the  World Engine I swear it looks like they comp'd Christopher Reeves face over Henry Cavil's, which I really don't have an issue with, if they did. Christopher Reeves Superman is iconic and by doing that I see it as a high form of respect for his work.