Monday, November 25, 2013

The Walking Dead: S4E7 Dead Weight recap

Just when he thought he was out, his past has dragged him back in....
Martinez pulls "Brian" from the pit and introduces him to HIS group. Martinez has 2 brothers under his command Mitch and Pete both military guys. They couldn't be more different and when The Governor goes on a second supply run with the 2 it dawned on me that they symbolized the angel and devil on his shoulders representing the conflict within the governor. And we see which path he choose to follow.....
And I may be reaching with my next train of thought but when the governor is telling Mitch the story about the stolen cigs after killing Pete, he's kinda admitting to killing his own brother...the hero.
Other noteworthy things in this episode is Martinez' death....I honestly thought Mitch was gonna be the first victim of the governor!
And the scene where Tara is sleeping in the arms of the other woman from Martinez' group.
Personally I think it'll take a miracle for lil Meghan to make it to the end of the season! She see's the governor as some type of father figure her aunt is terrible at hide and seek, and her mother seems pretty useless at this point.
I wonder if the prisons water supply comes from the lake zombie Pete is hanging around in?
Next week The Governor visits Casa del Prison with a Tank and Lilly shows she's as good at parenting as Lori was!