Monday, November 11, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E5 Internment recap

Awesome episode last night!
Maggie to Rick "Where's Carol?"
I bet Rick wished he had a Twix at that moment!
Need A Minute? Chew on This!
Rick to Maggie, "Yeah she ain't comin' back...membership revoked on account of being a Stone Cold Killa"
Maggie, "Mkay, fence needs a fixin' "
Meanwhile Hershel's herbal tea doesn't seem to be helping...
In fact by the end of this episode 95% of the Woodbury population is dead!
And the safest person is probably the one furthest from the prison, Carol!
God Bless Hershel! He exemplifies the best in humanity when humanity is lost! And when shit got real in isolation I was yelling at the TV "Don't get scratched! Don't get bit! Hershel must live!"
Dr Caleb was right though, if you're not willing to lose 1 you'll lose them all and by golly we pretty much did...Glenn is one lucky son of a bitch as is Sasha!
Hershel has really been the unsung hero of this group in my opinion and Dammit if they kill Hershel, they're killing Santa Claus!!
Seeing Rick and Carl mow down the walkers that breached the fence was bittersweet...Carls not that dumb ass kid tossing rocks at Walkers stuck in mud any more, even Rick was in shock how well his son was doing with a full auto assault riffle!

The episode comes to a close just like how the season began with Rick walking down to the Zombie Farm, splashing water on his face and sharing peas with Carl.
But wait there's more!
Off in the distance, outside the perimeter at the edge of the woods...who's that!?
This just in...Michonne sucks at tracking!

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