Wednesday, November 27, 2013

1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back

So some of my friends have jumped on the next gen (now current gen) bandwagon and bought PS4's, I am sitting on a backlog of games I still want to start and or complete before moving on up to a deluxe console in the sky. LAst week I plucked down $20 on my PSN account and picked up a couple things, first I picked Legend of Mana, this gem from the PS1 era...hence 2 steps back. I had bought this game back in 2000...13+ years ago....DAMN that makes me feel old! And when I played it then I was kinda disapointed, I guess I was looking for something more akin to the original, Secret of Mana.

Which happened to be my very first RPG I ever played. The game is gorgeous which is truly a testament to it's quality visually and audibly...I find myself retreating from the chaos of GTA V and the frustration of trying to get back in fighting shape for USFIV with SSFIV AE with this 13 year old gem!
And it was only $5.99! So while my friends are rushing head first into the new gen, I decide to go old school...

Next I bought the Okami HD dynamic theme that just came out....vurrry purdy!

If you're on my PSN friends list you know I have about six different Chun Li avatars I switch between on the regular plus some others like RDR, Hyper Dimension Neptunia, so I picked up one GTA V avatar....guess which one.

Being the nice guy I am I let my wife buy something on the PS Store, I figured she'd get some PS mini game like candy crush or something.....nope.
She bought this....

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