Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Almost Human: First Impressions

So the show takes place in the year 2048, humans and androids coexist, crime has escalated at an alarming rate alongside technology.
The pilot episode was decent, I like Carl Urbans character. Detective John Kennex, he's obviously not a fan of synthetics. This is clearly demonstrated when he is partnered with an MX...that accidentally falls out of Kennex's car after a crime scene investigation. He is then assigned a new partner, a discontinued model...the DRN named Dorian. Unlike the MX's Dorian is eerily human....moreso than even Kennex himself!
The show is chock full of FX and definitely is inspired by Blade Runner to some degree, and it has the potential to also take inspiration from Ghost in the Shell S.A.C & 2nd gig....but we'll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition.
The second episode, "skin" Kennex and Dorian seemed much more likeable, there was plenty of laughs to offset the episodes story of human abduction to create human skin for sex bots.

So in my opinion the show has potential, interestingly enough my wife was very interested in this show also...she really enjoyed Fringe so I think she's hoping for more of that shows magic in Almost Human. Being that this is a Bad Robot Production I'm expecting a twist towards the end of season 1 and based on the pic to the left I'm gonna make a lil prediction, the real John Kennex is dead, and Det. Kennex is actually the next DRN model and it has no idea it's a synthetic human.
Yeah I know he had a nose bleed in the first episode...that can be easily explained away with a little sci fi mumbo jumbo. Also note Kennext and Dorian have almost identical proportions. 

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