Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sony's Greatness Exchange

You're 1 of 2 types of gamer, one that plays the game enjoys it and doesn't care about trophies...probably not a completionist. Or a Trophy Whore...someone who continues playing a game long past beating it to collect as many trophies as possible...since FFVII I've been a completionist....and when this generation introduced Trophies I liked the idea, being able to compare your progress against your sparks my competitive streak in me.
As of now the trophy system as been a sorta meta game that adds replayability to my games but now Sony is introducing the PlayStation greatness exchange
Here's how it works:

  1. Log into the above site 
  2. Use your gold trophies as sweepstakes entries. 1 Gold = 1 entry
  3. Once a gold trophy is used it cannot be used again in another sweepstakes
  4. Drawings are once every 24 hrs
  5. Gold trophies are not removed from your PSN account after use in a sweepstakes