Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost Human S1E3 Are You Recieving recap

Just another day on Delta Division for John Kennex and DRN Dorian, alarm clocks, cold coffee, squeaky synthetic legs and a hostage crisis at the Nakatomi towers Sanderson Building!
The story was fairly basic but not only did we get our first bit of Star Wars fan service "Boring conversation anyways" but apparently Kennex has something in common with....Peter Bishop! They both fell into a frozen lake!
As I mentioned previously the chemistry between Karl Urban and Michael Ealy works well on screen and I like the two characters....the stories seem rather dull though....I hope we get something juicy soon. Something to hook me like an observer reveal...not that exactly but something in that style. Or perhaps a reveal that this is the alt universe created by the events in the Fringe finale, I'd be fine with that.