Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Walking Dead S4 E6 Live Bait Recap

Tonight's episode is firmly in my top 3 favorite episodes of the show! This episode absolutely epitomizes the shows title, the walking dead! 
Can we come back? That appears to be one of the themes this season, redemption.
Tonight's episode is a testament to how great this show is, you take a man like the governor who's done such evil things and make you feel anything but detest is remarkable! 
I think Dr. Seuss would appreciate tonight's episode as TWD just retold how the grinch stole Christmas! 
Did Newt make the governors heart grow two sizes too big???
Best moment was the Governor shuffle! Side stepping that walker like a boss!

And on a closing note The Governor needs to bottle up that mojo and sell it at Macy's! Au D Gov...

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