Saturday, June 3, 2006


Tryp finally defeated Ramuh! I am now ready to advance my SMN job as fast as possible to fight the Avatar Prime battles to acquire the whispers of Shiva, Ifrit, Titan, Garuda, Leviathan and Ramuh. I'll need those whispers to get a Moon Bauble and fight Fenrir.
Then I need to get started on the CoP missions to acquire Diabolos. Tryp returned to Bastok each day and fished while waiting for a PT invite, I not only made 160k gil selling moat carp I managed to reach lvl 20 fishing. I also continued to do supply quests for Bastok, this time I had to deliver supplies to Cape Terrigan. I've never been there yet, but I knew that I could reach the Cape thru Gustav Tunnel. I switched to my lvl 50 WHM and headed to the Valkurm Dunes to the entrance to the Gustav Tunnel, inside the white sands were cool in the shade of the tunnel, as a precaution I cast sneak and invis because half way thru the tunnel a NM Wyvern named Bune might have spawned, but I lucked out it hadn't. When I reached the Cape I had come to an impass a large bluff jutted out of the white sands and I could go no further, I had to go a more treacherous route, through the Kuftal tunnel in Western Altepa Desert. I didn't have a map of the Kuftal tunnel, but I was determined to deliver these supplies to the outpost at Cape Terrigan one way or another. Upon entering the Kuftal tunnel I knew right away my 50 WHM was in dangerous territory.....I had no idea how dangerous. I traveled down the steep incline to where the tunnel forked, to the left the tunnel opened to a large cavern, to the right the tunnel sank into the subteranne and darkness. I choose to head into the open cavern all the while keeping sneak and invis up. I hugged the right wall and came to a group of adventures some alive.....most dead. I asked for directions but it seemed that I had just missed a slaugher, but these adventurers were at least 10 levels above me! The crabs that scurried around couldn't have caused this, suddenly the ground beneath my feet trembled, panic ensued among the remaining survivors and across the cavern in the shadows a terrible creature emerged from the darkness, Guivre, a biped wyvern...

it's been awhile since I was trully worried that I would die, it is a great adrenaline rush! I ran north west blindly and the cavern narrowed again and my buffs began to fade, just then Guivre turned around and was headed back towards me! So there i am on a narrow ledge in the bottleneck of this cavern and my buffs drop just as it walks by, tunnel worms within range and crabs skittering close to the detect zone O.o! Would you risk casting sneak and invis? Neither would I, I waited till Guivre disappeared in the distance and cast S&I when the coast was clear. After wandering a bit further I found a PUP soloing spiders and asked for directions he pointed me in the right direction and those supplies made it to the outpost in Cape Terrigan! I am also less than 1k away from lvl 42. =^.^=