Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tryp & Krog in The Temple of Uggalepih

After playing BLU for a week I discovered + =HP auto regen and + =beast killer. I reached lvl 18 and learned Cursed Sphere off of Damselfly's in the Valkrum Dunes, I'm lookin forward to learning Bludgeon from Orcish Warmachines. The thing I really love about BLU is the fact there's no scrolls to be bought and that means no pricejacking! But learning some of these spells can take a very long time, I suppose that's the trade off.
After a few weeks playing as a Blue Mage I decided to return to my SMN pilgrimage and headed to the Temple of Uggalepih with Krogenar to get the Uggalepih Offering, which I need in order to spawn the NM Crimsontoothed Pawberry that drops Carbuncle Mitts! I need those gloves as a young SMN so that I can keep Carbuncle summoned for a greater amount of time. We met up in Port Jeuno and I teleported us to Yhoator Jungle. From there we navigated our way thru the dense jungle maze to bloodlet spring to a secret entrance to the Den of Rancor, then from there we snuck our way to the hidden "back door" to the Temple of Uggalepih. Once we arrived Krog did a little recon, even at lvl 73 he took a whacking once they spoted him! From where I waited there was a staircase that spiraled up to a large room, the left wall of the room lead to a hallway that had four smaller rooms with closed doors. Within one there was an offering, but there were inevitably Tonberry's as well as Iron Maidens all over! The simple solution, cast sneak and invis right? Wrong, Iron Maidens agro to magic casting and with Invis up you can't open the doors to the rooms, without invis up you'd be spotted by the Tonberry's, so Krog came up with a great plan, we'd cast Sneak and Invis at a safe distance run to the room he'd drop his buffs, open the door so I could enter the room get all sorts of Tonberry hate and run his ass back to the zone double time, I would run in the room drop my buffs grab the offering and follow the tonberry parade back to the zone, it worked like a charm!
After getting the Ugg Offering I teleported Krog to the Crag of Holla then we grabbed chocobo's and rode off into the sunset, our destination the top of the Yughot Grotto traveling thru Ghelsba Outpost and then thru Fort Ghelsba to help a new LotB member get the three keys needed to get an airship licenses. Krog diverted enroute to San D Oria to stock up on CC's. I was the first on the scene so I started my own Orc parade, when I reached the top of Ghelsba Outpost I had around 10 and when Krog showed up he had about 10, a few aga spells and the Outpost was whiped clean of Orcses. Luckily when we were killing the Orcish Sergants the Sandy temple floor plans dropped and the Ghelsba key! I tele'd back to Holla and returned the floor plans to complete a Sandy Quest..thus raising my fame in Sandy even higher ^^.Then I tele'd to Mea and grabbed a chocobo and headed off to Giddeus. By the time Krog arrived I had got 2 keys but since they weren't in Giddeus yet I had to let the drops go (rare/ exclusive items aren't tradeable or sellable), once Krog and the new guy arrived the keys seemed to become scarce but just as I was about to call it a night one dropped.