Thursday, June 15, 2006

Into the Emptiness

Krog set up a Promivion Dem run, the party consisted of me, Krog, and Lucke from LotB and Jonraffy and Sazuki. We were one member short of a full PT but with Krogenars direction we did fine navigating the emptiness. Krog lead us to the MR's (Memory Recepticles) and with Carby and 2 CC's we made short work of them. Sazuki the WHM did need to raise Jonraffy twice on the way to the forth level of the spire and I got nailed once on the way to the zone on the forth level but otherwise we did fine.Krog laid down the plan of attack and it sounded good. We entered the BC, waited a few mins for there call pet timer too cool down then engaged the Progenerator. Krog and Lucke sent in their CCs and I send in Carbuncle, then we withdraw to let them do some work. The Progenerator put the smackdown on their CC's and Carby didn't last long either. I unleashed my 2hour ability Astral Flow and then commanded Carby to use Searing Light but just as it was about to execute the boss runs away O.o! The plan began unraveling quickly and I see Krog, Lucke and Jonraffy begin to melee the boss. Krogenar unleashes his WS, it doesn't do much damage but gets the bosses attention. Krog drops, but fortunately he had a reraise earing equiped and raises himself then calls on a tiger familiar, Lucke calls his tiger familiar also and they begin assaulting the Progenerator, meanwhile I'm trying to rest up enough MP to re-summon Carbuncle so I can try casting SL again before the Astral Flow timer ran out. The Progenerator used it's Fisson ability and spawned offspring that took me down before I could unleash Carby's Searing Light again...I didn't have a reraise earring so I was done. Soon after I fell Jonraffy died and Krog droped last. It was a fun tryp to the top but we weren't prepared well enough, 1 member short and we didn't use our animas efficiently.