Friday, June 9, 2006

Xarcabard, Land of Truths

Tryp loged in at the desert town of Rabao, he had begun the quest for the Lu Shang's, a legendary fishing rod said to be unbreakable. It seems that without this rod I will never be able to reach artisan level in my craft. The rod could be bought in the Auction house....for a mere 10/20M gill .The only other way to attain this legendary rod is to help one of two brothers; Gallijaux & Joulet, in Port San d'Oria by trading in 10,000 moat carp ( this might take awhile)!

As the day progressed I must've caught 10 doz, but I grew tired and I daydreamed of my recent fight against the Lich in Fei Yin, I was anxious to serve my country so I traveled back to Bastok and met with President Karst to find out my next assignment was to travel to Castle Zvahl, located in the far north of Xarcabard and investigate the tomb of the Shadow Lord. I asked Krogenar if he was interested in traveling to Zvahl where tragity had befell a group of adventurers 30 year before, where Raogrimm the only Galkan Mithril Musketeer died...
Preparations needed to be made, I needed the map of Castle Zvahl and the Keep, Radeivpart in Ru' Lude Gardens would give me the maps I needed but first I needed to get him a Flame Degen sword. Since there were none in the Jeuno AH I traveled deep into Ordell's caverns to find a monster that would drop a flame degen....there were none there when I arrived, I stayed for awhile but none popped.

Soon Krogenar logged on and Eleazar and Farseer volunteered to assist me on my trip to Castle Zvahl and the tomb of the Shadow Lord......I warped back to Jeutopia met up with Farseer and grabbed a tele taxi to Xarcabard and the two of us headed north to the Castle where we'd meet up with Eleazar.The land of Xarcabard is cursed and all around demon Wizards roamed the cold landscape, the northern lights shone from deep chasims near the foot of the castle entrance.
Once we met up with Eleazar we camped at the entrance until Krogenar met up with us and then we headed inside...

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