Monday, June 5, 2006

Darkness Rising

I logged on last night to do a little ferry boat fishing when Darcy asks if anyone needs to do mission 5-1 the Arch Lich battle. Turns out a few people still needed it, Caldor, Farseer, Darksword....myself, so I meet up with Darcy and Darksword in Beaucidine Glacier and head to Fei Yin (A tower similar to Delkfut tower in Quifim), we regrouped near the Qu'Bia Arena BC within the temple.

Once we all entered the battle I cast ProtectraIII and Shellra II Haste and Regen on Darcy, Caldor, Darksword and Farseer, Darcy went in first and set his Courier Carry on Arch Lich Taber' Quoan, followed Caldor who followed suite. I ran into the room and tucked myself in a nearby nook while the four BST's guarded the entrance and dispatched Arch Lich Taber' Quoan's minions as they attemped to enter the room. I only needed to cure Darcy once or twice, then I saved up my MP as the Lich's HP slowly drained from the relentless attacks of the CC's. Once all of the minions were finished we turned our attentionon Arch Lich Taber' Quoan.

Arch Lich Taber' Quoan seemed a bit overwhelmed and because he's undead he really didn't like me.....especially when I cast Holy on his bony hide! Arch Lich Taber' Quoan dropped like the bag of bones he was after I cast Holy.

I logged out in Fei Yin, the next day I treked to Xarcabard, to the Vhazl telepoint, then warped back to Jeuno and just purchased the scroll of teleport Vhazl.