Sunday, June 25, 2006

Looking for Kris in the Dunes

While fishing up nebimonites on the Selbina-Muhuara ferry I ran into Ppuffy from LotB, during our tryp he acquired the pirates chart needed to spawn the Mecurial Kris battle in the Valkurm Dunes. Once we arrived in Selbina we met up with another LotB member Swizzle and headed to the spawn point to trade the map to a ??? in the surf. Once we traded the map 2 NM's Notorious Monsters) came in from the sea and attacked, a clipper, a pugil and a Kraken once they reach land we each concentrated on one, Ppuffy and Swizzle called on their CC's and I summoned Ramuh. This battle is capped at 20 so once we began I was stripped to my jammies O.o, during the fight other local parties dropped what they were doing to watch the fight, I summoned Ramuh and used my 2 hr job ability Astral Flow and watched as Ramuh unleashed Judgement Bolt....those fish didn't stand a chance! Once the battle ended a treasure chest appeared on the beach, inside we found an Albatross ring, some H.Q pugil scales, and a bone calamary shell (bait). Regretfully the elusive dagger, Mecurial Kris was not inside.