Friday, June 30, 2006

The Pirates Cove

After completing the Talekeeper mission my next mission for Bastok was given to me by the Mithril Musketeer Naji, outside the President's Office, he asked me to travel to the pirate hideout of Norg and rendesvouz with Gilgamesh. Once I reached Norg , Gilgamesh tells me to find an Adaman Ore and askes me to retrieve a Frag Rock from Ifrit's Cauldron by defeating a NM Salamander. I round up a group of BST from LotB and travel through Yhoator Jungle to Ifrit's Cauldron, this is a very dangerous place, especially for mages! The path to the NM is crawling with bats and volcanic gasses that will aggro me at the first cast, if the gases explode they can do over 1200 points of damage to everyone standing around. We reached the area where the notorious monster was located, I threw the Adaman Ore into the spawn point and the Magma (a bomb) and Salamander (a lizard) poped. After we defeated the bomb and it dropped 6 frag rocks, I returned to Norg and gave Gilgamesh his Frag Rock.