Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ultra Street Fighter IV New Stages

I watched a video from JAEPO on youtube today and got my first glimpse at one of the new stages for USFIV...
Not good I've had to use this gif twice in a weeks time!
Capcom, I lurves ya but this is......well....the gif says it all. This stage DOES NOT WORK IN STREET FIGHTER!

EDIT: Here are all the new stages being cut and paste from SFXT

I like the Mad Gear Hideout, Blast Furnace, Half Pipe and Pitstop 109 stages! 
Mad Gear Hideout obviously will be for Cody, Guy, Rolento, Hugo and Poison
Blast Furnace works perfectly for Zangief 
Half Pipe is great for Yun and Yang
Pitstop 109 would be ideal for Sodom....but alas he's not in USFIV. Maybe Capcom can add him in the background!
As far as Jurassic Era Research Facility and Cosmic I stated above THEY DON'T WORK WITHIN the Street Fighter (proper) universe at all.
If we're gonna be stuck with dinosaurs they should throw Regina in the stage
And Comic Elevator......last I checked the game is called Street Fighter, martial artist's travel all over the world to test their fighting skills against other fighters....Why are we in SPACE!!!!?????