Monday, February 17, 2014

The Walking Dead S4E45 Inmates Recap

Ya know how in Star Wars multiple events are happening at the same time Luke V Vader on DS, Han on Endor, Lando in the Falcon attacking the DS....well last nights episode felt a little like that. And the order is also scrambled so what we see Daryl and Beth doing actually came later than the events of Tyresse, Lizzy, and Mika
Daryl's all down in the dumps because Fortress Rickimus fell while he was the top dog on the counsel. And now he's stuck in the woods with "Oh Mah Gawd Diary" Beth.....personally if I were in Daryl's shoes I'd be like good luck with that tracking Beth, and then go hunt me some wabbit....cause we know they're out there.
Speaking of Wabbit, Bugs better stay in his hole when Lizzy comes around! So the burning question of baby ass kicker was finally answered and Tyresse saves the day! This was the most cringe worthy part of the episode for me....Tyresse = worst guardian angel in the zombie apocalypse! For instance in most horror flicks it's the white people that decide to go investigate a scary noise or blood curdling scream while the black guy usually does the smart thing and runs the opposite way....not Tyresse, he leaves a crying infant to two little girls, one happens to be a sociopath! Speaking of Lizzy.....worst baby sitter in the zombie apocalypse....she would not fare well on Angie's list....just sayin. Thank God Carol shows up....oooooh holy awkward moment Batman!
Next up is Maggie, Sasha and Bobby....first off I'm not a fan of Bobby, he just comes off as weird to me, Sasha seems to have gotten ris of her case of koxocknee fever and is determined to get the three of them back with the others but Maggie has a different agenda, find Glenn. And Bobby, well he's just along for the ride like Forest Gump it seems. So they find the bus and apparently everyone had a transfer for Zombieville...except Glenn! Where is that sickly pizza delivery boy!?
Why he's still at Fortress Rickimus!! Unlike Sasha he's still weak from koxocknee fever so he decides to take a nap until he spies a pic of Maggie and that's his motivation to keep going, he grabs his riot gear and some supples and runs head first into a crowd of zombies....I have a problem with this! This is not Glenn's style in S1 he was all Solid Snake style sneaking around avoiding the zombies, now he's charging head first into them...the vajayjay makes us do some crazy shit sometimes....
As Glenn breaks through he spots Tara in her own fortress of solitude, tells her straight up he's gonna use her to get back to his group, then passes out after fending off some walkers from the prison and Tara protects him. She is then confronted by 3 strangers Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa...I haven't read the graphic novels so I don't know a thing about these 3 which is fine.
And I'm hoping we get some fresh clues to the origin of the virus....I'm guessing it's either an airborn pathogen or milk.
Oh one last thing, point me in the direction of a place named Terminus and I'll do a 180 and take my chances!