Monday, February 10, 2014

The Walking Dead S4E44 After recap

Reunited and it feels so good...
Carl...if ya didn't hate him before last night you probably do now!
As much as I dislike the character Carl, Chandler Riggs did a great job portraying a young man coming of age and rebelling against his father. The venom Carl spat at Rick last night felt genuine and honest, seeing him walk ahead of his father as they fled the prison reminded me of myself at that age when walking with my mother.
The scene's with Carl roaming around the burbs, scavenging for supply's totally felt like the 6th chapter of The Last of Us, the Suburbs, where Joel, Ellie, Sam and Henry walk through a neighborhood with very similar houses.
Going into the second half of the season I was wondering what Michonne's motivation to keep going would be after Andrea's death, Hershell's death and the Governor death....but after last night I was glad to see she found her reason to live! I was happy to get a glimpse of her past also which gave the character a little more definition. Seeing her just blending in with that cluster of walkers was a great way of symbolizing how close she had come to becoming walking dead...metaphorically.
I think the one's who are able to let go of the past will survive, those who keep "looking back" will join the walking dead.
The scene where Rick "wakes up".....saw that coming a mile away. And there are days that's how I get out of bed!
Lastly someone get Danai Gurira and JJ Abrams in a room together! She would make one BADASS Sith!
Next week is the Beth and Daryl survivor show!