Monday, February 24, 2014

The Walking Dead S4 E11 Claimed recap

So Rick and Michonne try the cinnamon challenge at their new diggs, Michonne gets cheezy with Carl on a supply run, Rick tries to gets some rest but is rudely awoken by intruders! Someone call Antoine Dodson!

Glenn wakes up in the back of a strange truck with Tara....Maggie's gonna be pissed!
Glenn grows a pair and cold clocks WWE's Sheamus sorry....Abraham Ford.

OK so Glenn's been asleep in a troop transport vehicle probably going at aprox 55 MPH for 3 hours, how many miles does Glenn need to walk to get back to the cheese bus of the dead???
165 miles X the average walking speed of an adult human which is aprox 3 MPH = 495hrs!
Glenn, Tara, Abraham and the gang  are gonna pull a Summer School and show up on the final episode of TWD and everyone's gonna be like who da fuq???OOOOHHHHH YEEAH.
Oh and I'm calling Bravo Sierra on mullet man having the solution to the zombie apocalypse..
All in all a rather dull episode IMO

Check out the preview for next Sundays episode "Still"
If Daryl dies we revolt!!!