Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The House that Skywalker built has been sold to a mouse

I still remember as a kid swinging branches around with other kids during recess pretending they were lightsabers, and believing that I could lift stones if I was able to focus hard enough and use the force......
If I only knew then what I know now...
After the prequels I all but accepted that my happy childhood memories were being recalled thru rose tinted glasses.  After the multiple revisions to the OT and various iterations of the Saga VHS/DVD/ Blu ray I thought the saga was complete regardless of the ever present rumors of episodes VII-IX out there in the vaults of Lucas Film buried deep in the Journal of the Whils. I was for all intents and purposes done with that galaxy far far away...
And then day before yesterday my wife shows me a tweet from Ewan Macgregor saying Disney has bought Lucas Film Ltd for 4 Billion Dollars. I scoffed at the tweet saying how do you know that's really Ewan MacGregor.....well that's poodoo on my face!
Seriously....4 Billion Dollars! Holy Sith Lords that's enough money to build a Death Star!
I posted on the Galactic Senate forums that I'm not feeling the hype the way I did back in the late 90's when I first heard about Episode I....before any of us knew what Jar Jar Binks was.
There was a time prior to TPM where I had read the Timothy Zahn EU Thrawn trilogy, and as far as EU novels go they are probably the best suited for an easy transition to film and would fit well with the continuity...actors aside.
But apparently contrary to all of Lucas' vehement denials that there was ever any plans for episodes VII-IX, here we are and the plans for episode VII have been given over to Disney writers, Which begs the question why?
I have a theory but it's grim and I hope I'm way off. Time will tell.

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