Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Keeping with the theme of the month (monsters derp) lets talk about another anime I've recently watched, Dance in the Vampire Bund. DitVB falls in the same realm as Twilight and Underworld, Vampires & Lycans romance political intrigue yada yada yada
Unlike Twilight this anime is good!
The story revolves around a high school student named Akira and his relationship with Mina Tepes lord of all Vampires.
This is where the anime becomes a bit controversial...Mina is a pure blood Vampire and is hundreds of years old but she is trapped in in a tween's body and has feelings for Akira her sworn protector.
There are scenes that imply Mina and Akira's friendship is more than just platonic...this is a perfect example of how Japanese and American cultures differ on what is considered "Taboo". Here in America this would be seen as a Teenage boy having sex with a minor....:(
Getting back to the Anime, I liked how the series starts of with a live talk show/reality TV with celebrity guests chiming in on the subject of vampires....real or myth?
The story, albeit not anything ground breakingly original kept me interested till the end and the romance between Mina and Akira was kept at bay and din't meander into the realm of twilight-nausea-inducing-stupidity.
I also liked how the show kept the viewer guessing about some characters allegiance and affiliations.
DitVB delves into vampire lore but never gets bogged down by too much detail but tackles the lore in a simple yet intelligent manner.
I found Mina to be the most interesting character by far as she fluctuated from mature far beyond her physical appearance to juvenile behavior that coincides with her physical appearance throughout the show.
Dance in the Vampire Bund is good anime series that ends with such a way that begs for a second season.
The animation is well done, the characters are above average....some are your typical cliche'd anime stereotypes but the character Mina Tepes is interesting enough to keep you wanting to see the next episode and seeing her "true Vampire form" is also contradictory to the Vampire mythos of a hideous-monstrous demon like creature. She appears more as a succubus.
And we get some hot Vampire Vs Lycan and Lycan Vs Lycan battles!

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