Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead S3E20: Seed

Overall a decent episode, I had a few issues with it though. They pretty much went around in a big circle during the winter and ended up right back where season 2 ended!? And now they find the prison......?
Did they not look at the map before and see the state prison? Doesn't that Hyundai have GPS built in? Wouldn't it give them the best route to avoid traffic and/or walkers?
Has Rick given up warning Morgan and his son Duane? What ever happened to them!?
Season 3 is here and it's official Walkers are awesome at neighborhood watch! 
So our little fellowship has found a home or perhaps a base of operations, It was good to see that they have become united under the Ricktatorship (throws Krog his royalty check for using the term Ricktatorship) and seeing them kick walker ass! 
It was great seeing Maggie shank the riot walkers...very cool BTW. I love the variety of walkers we're seeing already this season.
And Lori I would hate you with it! I haven't read the novels but if Rick keeps treating her like shit and then she gets bit....that'll be some awesome drama! Zombie fetus' bursting out of Lori's vajayjay! That would be must see TV!
Poor Hershel I guess you won't be planting any seeds after all....personally if that were me I'd opted out with a slug to da head versus having my leg hacked off with an ax at the shin!

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