Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fringe S5 E89: In Absentia

Friday's episode, In Absentia we get a closer look at the state of Humanity since the Observers have arrived. Humanity is split between Loyalists and Rebels and how the harshness of this reality has changed us. As a parent of a soon to be 3 y/o I may have related to Olivia's situation more than those without children. One of the things I worry  about is my son losing his childhood innocence. The episode really did a great of showing how the harshness of the this realities timeline has stolen Peter and Olivia's child's innocence and made her a cold calculating, merciless rebel.
The highlight of this episode for me was the conversation between  Olivia and Etta during Manfretti's interrogation...

Etta: You don't know my world.
Olivia: You're right, I don't know your world. But I had hoped for you that, wherever you were, you weren't hardened by what had happened to you.And it not that I don't see what the observers have wrought I do. But what concerns me is what they've taken away.
Etta: This is the world, it is what it is.

That conversation saddened me because it could easily be a conversation between a parent and child in real life today.
Overall the episode did what it had to do, it showed the effects the Observers have had on humanity and the dire state we are in, you either become a pet of the Observers or a lab rat. Other than that the Fight for the Future barely moved forward.
I am curious what, if anything, we will find if Olivia goes to the address Manfretti gave her....obviously not his son.
So once the team got power back to the lab we finally begin making progress on the plan to save humanity from.......humanity.
A couple questions crossed my mind after this episode, if September (an observer) was able to travel around time and across alternate universes why is it Captain Windmark and the observers having such difficulty finding Walter and the gang.
The other thing that struck me as odd was the VHS tape, something just seemed wrong with that scene, why is Walter recording on a VHS tape....and what's the significance of the comment about the grape twizzlers! Was that a different Walter recording that message?
And where is that cow?!
2 down 11 to go.....

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