Saturday, November 3, 2012

Transformers Prime S2 E26 Darkest Hour

The season finale of Transformers Prime certainly leaves the autobots in a precarious position. We see Prime relinquish the Omega Keys and all but one of the relics to save Jack, Niko and Raf. Megatron activates the Omega Lock and begins to restore Cybertron, but this is Megatron we're talking about...
Why rule one planet when you can rule Cyberton and New Kaon (cyberized Earth). When the Omega  Lock is rerouted via the Decepticon space bridge to Earth Optimus decides to fight back and destroys the only thing that could've revived Cybertron. Prime and the Autobots then retreat back to their  base on Earth only to discover the affects of the Omega Lock on Earth right in their own back yard in Jasper NV.  A Decepticon fortress looming over the Autobot base with the Decepticon warship hovering above! Prime gives the order to evacuate and as Rachet enters the space bridge the Nemesis fires down upon the Base. In the aftermath Megatron and Starscream survey the ruins of the base as the camera pans away we see the hand of Optimus sticking out of a pile of rubble....
Prime can't catch a break! At the end of season one he uses the Matrix of leadership and looses his memory and is fooled into helping Megatron decode the locations of the relics and now this.
I just prey we don't see a return of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime.....that was kinda the downfall of the G1 series in my mind. Transformers Prime season 3 begins spring of 2013 and will feature Predaking (combiner hopefully) and the return of Shockwave (AWESOME!) Shockwave and Predaking, the Autobots are focked!

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