Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fringe S5 E93 Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Recap

Last nights episode reemphasizes why this show has such a passionate fan base! As usual I'm digesting what I saw last night and altering my theories of how the series is going to conclude and my latest theory is  the infinity loop...
The actions and choices Peter has made since Etta's death lead me to believe that Peter Bishop is the first Observer. With the observer tech in Peters head we see he's able to do things not possible for humans of that time to do. Now that Peter has figured out how to "teleport" what to stop him from traveling throughout time like September and the other Observers are able to do. And if he does figure out how to do that what's to stop him from going back to the point where  Captain Windmark kills Etta....
This episode began to show multiple Splits within the group, Walter realizing he is losing himself to his "original" self since he's   re attached the lobotomized part of his brain, Peters split with himself since he's added the Observer tech in his brain, and the divide that is beginning to show between Olivia and Peter...which is seen at the start of the episode when Peter is watching the hologram of Etta without Olivia, then when she shows up she says I don't want to lose you again (holy fore- shadowing batman!) and at the end when Peter and Olivia are on the monorail sitting apart from each other but facing each other. Great Episode, good character development, plot advancement, with a perfect balance of emotional moments and action. My wife and I love watching Peter beating Observers mentally and physically.
Someone needs to make a Peter Bishop teleport/neck break .gif with the Mortal Kombat "FINISH HIM" fatality text overlay!

Oh yeah then there's this picture I stumbled upon....>O.O<

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