Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ready Player One Official Trailer 1

I grew up in the 80's played Atari, Nintendo, PlayStation, I know about Easter eggs in Video Games and Movies. I grew up watching Sci Fi and Anime, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Comic Books etc.. I made this blog so I could write about about all these subjects I grew up with that are now a main stream part of our culture.
The slogan of my blog is "Celebrating the DeCulture of the 21st Century"
As I've mentioned before when writing about this up coming movie my friend Krogenar bought this book for my birthday years ago...we've been friends since 3rd grade so he knew I'd appreciate the book.
This movie truly is a celebration of my generations culture! At it's core this story is about a contest in a virtual world where all the players are looking for a "Golden Easter Egg" coughwillywonkacough.
And this trailer brilliantly bombards us with easter eggs!
Here are the ones I've found , have you spotted any I missed?


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