Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mortal Engines Official Teaser Trailer

Unlike Star WarsMortal Engines does not take place in a galaxy far far away. Instead, it’s all-too-bound to Earth, or the dying steampunk-inflected wasteland that remains of it anyway. Based on the novels by Philip Reeve, Mortal Engines portrays a dystopian world where human survivors band together in small towns-on-wheels to traverse the wasteland and make the most of its limited resources. But one wheeled monstrosity towers above all, and actually feeds on the others for its own sustenance.
“What is that?” One character asks.
“That is London,” replies outlaw Hester Shaw (Hilda Helmar), as the city of London, gobbles up a smaller town full of poor scavengers into its infernal belly.
Looking like a mix of Mad Max: Fury Road and Howl’s Moving Castle, Mortal Engines was directed by Christopher Rivers and produced by Jackson.  It’s set to hit theaters in December 2018. 

Watch the trailer below.

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