Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ranking the 14 movies I saw in 2017

Late in 2016 I listed 20 movies coming out in 2017 I was interested in seeing ( 20 2017 movies to check out ),
I wasn't able to see them all but 14 / 20 ain't bad. I usually would've written up a lil something about each them individually but with my clan expanding and work being what it is I just didn't have the time this year.
So here's my year end recap of the 14 movies of 2017 I saw.

1. Blade Runner 2049
I loved this movie, aesthetically gorgeous, beautiful story where I didn't think we needed one.
It stands on its own and compliments it's predecessor.
If I only had money to buy one of these movies on blu ray it would be this one!

2. Cars 3
Pixar knows how to close out a trilogy! After Cars 2 deviated so far from the original they returned to the core story and used the familiar "past his prime, passing the torch" story.
I was glad to see a return to the story from the original, Cars 3 had lots of heart and did a good job of balancing the feels with the laughs.

3. Thor Ragnarock
I really enjoyed Ragnarok, the retro sound soundtrack, and visual style, it matched the fresh more fun approach of the movie and never felt over done or forced.
Cate Blanchett hit a grand slam in my opinion as Hella! Perfect Casting! And I also thought Tessa Thompson was another great casting choice.  
I saw this with my son and he loved it...(he's almost 8 and thankfully was laughing so loud he didn't hear the orgy comment when they were headed towards the devils anus) and yes that's really in the movie!

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
GotG V2 was a terrific sequel that only suffered because of people's unrealistic expectations. 
The whole Tazer Face scene had me laughing so hard I snorted like a pig! 

5. Spiderman Homecoming
Spidey really needed this movie to be good, after the roller coaster ride we've had with the last 3 and fortunately Homecoming was great, highly entertaining and I really bought Tom Holland as Peter Parker, and Michael Keaton as the birdman Vulture was the best realized villian Spidey has faced in his cinematic career in my opinion....yes I think Keatons Vulture is better than Molina's Doc Oc. 
The movie did an incredible job fitting into the MCU and at the same time adding new layers to the Avengers/ MCU. 
And kudos to Marvel and Sony for pulling off a plot twist that M. Night Shaymalan would be impressed by!

6. The Lego Batman Movie
Absolute hilarity from start to finish I enjoyed it as much as my son, and the soundtrack....pure gold! 
TLBM really expanded my knowledge of the Dark Knight and his Universe...Lobster Thermador....who knew!
And thanks to the movie I now know the secret password to the bat cave computer!

7. The Boss Baby
This movie came out at the perfect time for me as my son was struggling with the addition of our new addition. In our case the boss baby was a girl.
Highly entertaining movie that both adults and children will enjoy.

8. Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi
I saw TLJ on Saturday the 18th, I'm still processing what happened in that movie.....I'm still searching my feelings.

9. IT

The poster says it al,
"It's everything I was ever afraid of"
The best scary movie I've seen in a loooong time.

10. Kingsman The Golden Circle
I absolutely loved the first Kingsman movie, and was really looking forward to The Golden Circle. Sadly I was disappointed by this sequel. I didn't care for the Statesman, I didn't like what they did to Merlin and I unfortunately found Julianne Moore's character uninspired compared to Sam Jackson's Valentine from the first film.

11. A Cure for Wellness

The uniqueness of trailer grabbed my attention, and honestly I enjoyed the movie for the most part, there were times where the movie reminded
me of A Clock work Orange.

12. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

I love the 5th Element.....this not so much. And I'm so frustrated because this was one of my most anticipated movies of the year!
If they cast Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich in the roles of Valerian and Laureline I think the movie would've been better received in the US.

13. Alien Covenant
OK it's officially time to bring this franchise to the retirement home along with Terminator.....

14. Ghost in the Shell
This steaming pile just reiterates my stance that THERE IS NO REASON TO MAKE LIVE ACTION ADAPTATIONS OF ANIME!

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