Sunday, December 10, 2017

Capcom Cup 2017 Grand Finals Results and Street Fighter V AE Sakura trailer AND SFAE Cinematic Intro

As God is my witness after watching the match between Daigo and Mena RD I texted my friend and said "This Kids Birdie has a chance to win Capcom Cup 2017. I've seen him give Punk's Karin a hard time"
Lo and behold....

So Congratulations Mena RD for proving to many that Birdie's still got it!
So after the closing ceremonies Ono comes on stage and we are graced with the trailer for the first season 3 character!

And she looks great! I'll be dropping 100K FM on her when she becomes available! I love her updated look, with the mic. And her SFA2 stage complete with her brother still playing (and losing lol).
The trailer was hype!
So the Sakura announcement Trailer concludes and the audience see's the damn silhouettes for season 3.
Then Ono returns with his little Blanka and we feel the power of the troll.....but he gives us another trailer! The cinematic Intro for SFV AE annnnnd believe the hype!! This trailer is Amazing!!!

The intro is gorgeous and I hope it plays every time the game starts up! Right now I know who I'm spending FM on. Sakura, Sagat, Cody and Falke, I'm not sold on G, and Blanka is Blanka.

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