Thursday, February 25, 2016

Star Wars Rebels S2E17 The Honorable Ones

OK so this episode started out with our merry band of Rebels above Geonosis investigating an abandoned orbital construction site, but Zeb's instincts served him well....
So Zeb gets separated from the rest of the crew as they escape and jumps into an escape pod, but Agent Callus isn't letting his Lassat arch nemesis get away that easily and manages to get in the pod just before it blasts off.
And this is where the episode arrives in beaten horse territory. How many shows can you think of where two arch nemesis unite to overcome a dire circumstance? Megatron & Optimus Prime against Unicron, Capt. Global and Britai Kridanik against Gorg Boddole Zer, 
The two get stranded on one of Geonosis' moons and must work together to survive the elements and the creatures within the moon.
Yet another episode that paled in comparison to the first half of season 2 in my opinion. The one thing I did like was how Agent Callus was treated by his peers once he was's nice to see that you're only as good as your last screw up in the Empire....just like in the real world. 
There's only 5 episodes left,
Shroud of Darkness, The Forgotten Droid, The Mystery of Chopper Base, Twilight of the Apprentice Pt 1 and Twilight of the Apprentice Pt 2.
Enough with these fluff episodes! Lets get to that Sith temple!!Let's find out what the Son of Dathomir has been doing since he got his ass handed to him by Darth Sidious!!! Lets get some Sith Holocrons and Sith Archives and lets get to the inevitable Master apprentice show down!!!!!!!!