Thursday, February 18, 2016

Star Wars Rebels S2E16 Homecoming

Without a fixed base of operations still, the Rebels struggle against the ever present threat of the Empire. With constant loss of manpower and equipment Hera decides to reach out to her father, the legendary Cham Syndulla of Ryloth!
All too easy....perhaps The Empire isn't as powerful as The Emperor thinks.
Seriously this episode lacked any hint of real danger except for that poor female pilot who bit it in the beginning of the episode, it was almost comical how easily they secured that Imperial carrier!
I didn't like how Hera's voice changed during her heart to heart with her father, it was not necessary and for my 6 y/o son to question it, it is obviously odd.
And I was equally disappointed at how two of Cham Syndulla's most trusted soldiers to so easily switch support from Cham's plan to destroy the Carrier to Hera's to capture and use it for the Rebels came across terribly!
Unfortunately the hype I had after seeing the trailer for season 2.5 is nearly all gone, weakest episode of the entire series.