Thursday, March 26, 2015

Robotech movie rights now in Sony's hands...YACK DECULTCHA

So last night I read that Sony now holds the screen rights for Robotech, Tobey Maguire tried and failed to get the "ship" off the ground, now Robotech is in the hands of three gentlemen who produced 300.

I feel like every few years I'm posting my trepidation about a live action/Hollywood produced Robotech film.
I'm not going to regurgitate my rants about how Robotech pales in comparison to the source material...Super Dimension Fortress Macross.
If interested you can read my thoughts here and here.
Regrettably, I feel now that Sony has the rights this train wreck is inevitable, fortunately I got off the Robotech train years ago, but this movie I fear is going to be a HUGE injustice to the source material and will barely scratch the surface of the heart of the Macross story.
I doubt we'll get any history of the Unification Wars and the events leading up to crash on South Ataria Island.
I doubt we'll hear anything about the Supervision Army.
I highly doubt we'll hear about the Protoculture! Although if Sony wants to make this a franchise they definitely need to include the sub plot of the three micloned Zentradi spies Conda, Warera and Loli that infiltrate the Macross to learn about human culture.
I doubt we'll have a real Japanese actress (that can sing) play the role of Lynn Minmay,
I doubt we'll have the main character named Hikaru Ichijo
I doubt we'll have the character Roy Focker, I hope we do and I may be in the minority but I would prefer if he dies like in DYRL not in SDFM.
Bridge bunnies better be in the movies!
Captain Global, Claudia LaSalle, and Misa Hayase all must be in this movie absolutely no exeptions! And I am casting Hayley Atwell (yes agent Carter) as Misa, Danai Gurira as Cluadia, and Gary Oldman as Captain Global....
I absolutely can't see this Robotech Macross film being done in one single movie! If they're gonna do it right IT HAS TO BE 3 MOVIES!!!!
The first movie should begin during the Unification Wars up to the Macross returns to Earth.
The second movie should begin right where the first ends and conclude with Britai and Exedol defecting and joining forces with Global and the SDF-1
The third movie needs to basically cover episodes 27 - 36 the remnants of Humanity and the surviving Zentradi dealing with the early days of co existence up until Quamzin's final suicide attack on the Macross.
And then the fateful final meeting of Hikaru, Minmay and Misa.
Then after the credits show the Megaroad departing earth as a certain Galactic Idol performs Ai Oboete Imasu ka?? for a packed concert

Don't Fuck this up Sony! Macross has the potential to eclipse Star Wars.....