Sunday, March 22, 2015

Movie Review: Ragnarock

One part One Part Indiana Jones, one part The Decent, one part Anaconda and a dash of The Lord of the Rings.
Ragnarock isn't a bad movie, in fact I rather enjoyed it mostly.....mostly. I was completely sold on the archaeology and Norse mythology, the main character, Sigurd, had me sold me as an archaeologist who seemed bound and determined to prove his theory that Vikings had traveled as far north as Finnmark Norway. He organizes an expedition with his archaeologist buddy Allan, his two kids and Allan's female friend, Elisabeth, with their trusty guide Leif (no not Erickson) they head off to prove the correlation between an excavated Viking ship and the myths of Ragnarok.
Once the fellowship reaches the barbed wire fence we begin getting a sense of danger, and it's not until we arrive on the eye of Odin (an island in a lake) that a real feeling of fear and paranoia sets in but then Ragnarok kinda looses it's edge when Leif shows us his hand.
And by the end, when I was expecting something more mythic or extraterrestrial we're given a giant lake serpent! And only one money shot of it...
And WTF is Allan's deal, one the one hand he's pulling a Carter Burke by bringing back one of the babies but also stick's around to save his friends as they're dangling like bait on a hook....ya can't be the hero and the greedy opportunist in the same movie bub.

Simply put I've seen much worse movies that have somehow made alot more money at the box office......Ragnarok made a whopping $1,300 at the box office last year from 8/22-9/11 so I don't think we'll be seeing Ragnarok II Sigurd Svensen and the Quest for Mjolnir.