Monday, March 9, 2015

The Walking Dead S5E13 :Forget

Great episode last night! I found it so fascinating how after all these years of watching this show I found it as bizarre as Rick's group found it.
Interesting how we see Rick and his group in a heroic light when they're "out there", but when placed in a normal domestic atmosphere they come across in a very different light! To the good people of Alexandria Sasha must come across as slightly unhinged but I totally understand why she's behaving the way she is. These people are talking about crock pot recipes and acting like everything is fine but Sasha knows......SHE KNOWS! I loved her Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes moment.

Buttons the horse, wild and free, no one will ever catch you....never break you...a great metaphor for the group's domestication in Alexandria and more likely than not foreshadowing of things to come.
When was the last time Rick got laid? Season 1? I think Rick just broke out of Jesse's friend zone with that kiss...
So now Rick is pulling a Shane and crushing on someone else's wife. I'm really unsure about Jesse's husband, Pete, he came across as a "porch-dick" last week and this week he seemed like a totally normal guy. I think we may have another Ed Peletier (Carol's dead husband) on our hands.
Speaking of bed time story teller ever! SCarol even creeped me the F out poor Augustus Gloop must've shat himself!!! I think Carol may be inadvertently cock blocking Rick...

This episode was chock full of apocalyptic hilarity, take Daryl and Aaron for instance, they are the apocalyptic odd couple! Last nights episode took place on a tuesday....know how I know?? Aaron was serving SPAGHETTI!!!
Anyone see Enid at the party last night? Yeah neither did I.
Lessons I learned from last night's episode
~ You can make chocolate chip cookies with appy sauce
~ If you're out of Squirrel, Snake and Possum...spaghetti will suffice
~ Katana's make great wall art
~ apparently animals that get bit by walkers don't turn
~ Daryl deserves an undead black stallion!
~ NEVER tattle on Carol!